Flange Bearings have several different types and they are engineered to meet specific requirements of the application or situation. Different types of these Bearings come with different design, cages, load capacities as well as different performance. These Bearings are designed to mount ball bearing with high precision and performance, because these Bearings are highly sturdy, water resistant and dirt resistance, they are suitable for providing mounting for other apparatuses with rotary or linear motion.

bearing mount
bearing mount


Although there are several different types, models and variations of these Bearings yet basically they come with two basic structures, vertical mounting and horizontal mounting also known as Insert Bearings and Flange Mounted Bearings. Both of these types have different applications, load carrying capacity and performance.


These Bearings are used in several different industries and machines, they are widely used in automation, machine construction, agricultural machines, food industry, conveyor technology and industry as well as other industries that need high carrying capacity.


Basically there are four types of bearings that are used in these Bearings and each of this type has a different design, application, performance and function. These Bearings are used to provide rotary motion with low friction. The most common bearing type used in these Bearings is Plain Bearing that is also known as Journal Bearing. This particular type provides frictionless motion that is used in linear applications.

Flange bearing
Flange bearing

Needle Roller Bearings are used to handle radial motion while keeping the low profile, this particular type is almost identical to Cylinder Roller Bearing except it has smaller diameter. Roller Bearings, as the name suggests come with a rolling element between inner and outer ring. That could be cylinder or spherical ball depending on the application and use of the apparatus.


These Bearings are made with different materials, they are widely made with cast iron while some manufacturers even made it with plastic to reduce the cost while maintaining the performance and load carrying capacity. This particular material is not only maintains temperature resistance but also offers durability and stability while being more cost efficient as compared to the metal these Bearings.

In some rare cases, Flange Bearings are made with pressed steel that offers a slightly lesser performance yet high stability and durability even under stressful conditions.


The mounting configuration of these Bearings defines the actual shape of the mounting apparatus that holds bearing and it also describe the number of holes in that to secure it. Although it may vary and also could be made especially according to the application yet some widely used mounting configurations are 2, 3 and 4 bolt Flange Bearings.

2 bolt Bearings

These come with a diamond shape with one mounting hole on each end.

3 bolt Bearings

These come with circular shape with three mounting holes at equal distance to one another.

4 bolt Bearings

These usually come with a square shape with one mounting hole at each side or corner depending on the application or requirement.

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