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skateboard bearing

Bearings are comprised of a large outer ring and a smaller inner ring. Between these rings are small steel balls. These are what enable the wheels to turn. On either side of the rings are covers, called shields, which prevent the bearings from getting dirty. In order to keep the balls in position, they are contained inside of a so-called “ball cage.”

Skateboard Bearings - Parts and Composition

1. Inner Ring
2. Outer Ring
3. Ball Cage
4. Balls

You can also choose to skate with ball bearings without shields, which are open or semi-open. If you do skate with open or semi-open bearings, they will indeed be more susceptible to contamination, but they will be somewhat faster. Many skaters enjoy the slightly louder sound of a skateboard with open bearings.

Skateboard Bearings Parts

1. Shield
2. Ball Cage
3. Ball
4. Outer Ring
5. Inner Ring
6. Shield
7. C-Ring

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