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Thrust/Axial Needle Roller Bearing and Washer


Flat bearings, thrust bearings also known as flat needle roller bearings or thrust flat needle roller bearings. The thrust has radial compact construction, while flat needle roller bearings with the same diameter and load capacity of other types of bearings, the outside diameter is smallest, especially suitable for the diameter mounting size limited support structure. Thrust surface needle roller bearings can be selected according to the use of different occasions, the use of bearings or needle roller and cage assembly without the inner ring, at this time with the bearing journal bearing surface and the housing hole surface directly as the bearing inner and outer rolling surface, in order to maintain the load capacity and running performance are the same as those of a bearing with a ring bearing. The hardness of the raceway surface of the shaft or shell hole, the machining accuracy and the surface quality should be like the raceways of the bearing ring. This type of bearing can only withstand radial loads. The flat thrust needle roller bearing is composed of a flat cage assembly with a needle roller or a cylindrical roller and a flat washer.

The main models are: AXK/AX/AXW/NTA flat thrust needle roller and cage assemblies; K811/K812/K89 etc and the thrust cylindrical roller and cage assemblies.

AXK type thrust needle roller and cage assembly are the main components of thrust needle roller bearings. The cage is made of copper plate, and the small size cage is made of plastic, using G2 grade
High-precision needle rollers to ensure uniform load distribution. Thrust chart roller and cage assembly are similar to the AXK type assembly, which can bear high thrust loads.
It also produces inch thrust needle roller cage components and supporting gaskets, such as TC, TWA, TWB, TWC and other series.
AXW type thrust needle roller bearing consists of an AXK type needle roller and cage assembly and a middle pressure center sleeve. The main components of AX-type thrust needle roller bearings are AXK-type components and thrust washers, which are integrated by the control ring.

Thrust washer
Thrust washers mainly include AS type, ws type, GS type and Ls type.
S-type thrust washer is a high-quality spring steel belt (plate); it is made of medium pressure, and the thickness is generally 0. Bmm and 1 mmo. The raceway is hardened and polished. It is mainly used for the occasions where the adjacent parts cannot be rigid, but have sufficient rigidity and geometric accuracy, the bearing surface of the gasket should be fully supported.
Shaft washer (WS), seat washer (GS) and bearing washer (Ls) are solid washers made of bearing steel by hardening. The surface is ground and polished. The outer surface of the seat ring and the inner hole of the shaft ring are also ground. cut. Solid washers are generally used in conjunction with thrust cylindrical rollers and cage components.

thrust bearing
Shaft Diameter   Bearing  Designat   Boundary  Dimensions
 推力滚针和 保持架组件推力垫圈轴承垫圈轴圈座圈dwdgDwDgdrhsars min
 Axial Needl RollerShaft loc WasherBearing WasherWasher ShaftgShaft loc    Washer
mmand Cage Asserblies    mm
4AXK0414TN    4  142    
5AXK0515TN    5  152    
6AXK0619TN    6  192    
8AXK0821TN    8  212    
10AXK1024LS1024AS1024  10  2422.75 0.5 
12AXK1226LS1226AS1226  12  2622.75 0.5 
15AXK1528LS1528AS1528WS.81102GS811021516282822.75 0.50.3
17AXK1730LS1730AS1730WS.81103GS811031718303022.75 0.50.3
20AXK2035LS2035AS2035WS.81104GS811042021353522.75 0.50.3
25AXK2542LS2542AS2542WS.81105GS811052526424223  0.6
30AXK3047LS3047AS3047WS.81106GS811063032474723  0.6
35AXK3552LS3552AS3552WS.81107GS811073537525223.5  0.6
40AXK4060LS4060AS4060WS.81108GS811084042606033.5  0.6
45AXK4565LS4565AS4565WS.81109GS811094547656534  0.6
50AXK5070LS5070AS5070WS.81110GS811105052707034  0.6
55AXK5578LS5578AS5578WS.81111GS811115557787835  0.6
60AXK6085LS6085AS6085WS.81112GS811126062858534.75 1.5 
65AXK6590LS6590AS6590WS.81113GS811136567909035.25 1.5 
70AXK7095LS7095AS7095WS.81114GS811147072959545.25 1.5 
75AXK75100LS75100AS75100WS.81115GS81115757710010045.75 1.5 
80AXK80105LS80105AS80105WS.81116GS81116808210510545.75 1.5 
85AXK85110LS85110AS85110WS.81117GS81117858711011045.75 1.5 
90AXK90120LS90120AS90120WS.81118GS81118909012012046.5 1.5 
95AXK100135LS100135AS100135WS.81120GS811209510213513547 1.5 
100AXK100145LS100145AS100145WS.81122GS8112210011214514547 1.5 
120AXK120155LS120155AS120155WS.81124GS8112412012215515547 1.5 
130AXK130170LS130170AS130170WS.81126GS8112613013217017049 1.5 
140AXK140180LS140180AS140180WS.81128GS8112814014218018059.5 1.5 
150AXK150190LS150190AS150190WS.81130GS8113015015219019059.5 1.5 
160AXK160200LS160200AS160200WS.81132GS8113216016220020059.5 1.5