·Non-standard bearing customization

Spindle Bearing for Machine Tools

Thin section ball bearings

Precision Bearing for Metallurgy Equipment

Bearing for Pumps and Compressors

what we can offer

As a precision bearing manufacturer, CAB bearing  can manufacture different non-standard custom bearings, includinghigh temperature and high precision bearings, pump bearings, compressor bearings and special bearings for specific working conditions based on customer needs.

We are known for our industry leading research and development for precision bearings, especially in specific topics, including minimizing vibration noises, the enhancement of the seal performance, improvement on the effects of lubrication, and extending the bearing’s service life. We have mastered a number of core technologies for bearing manufacturing, and have carried out a number of achievements in terms of product application.

What You Get

To meet your various needs, from material selection to bearing accuracy/steel ball/grease adjustment, we will provide you with tailor-made and cost-effective customized bearings, and provide intimate and practical services.

·OEM processing

CAB bearing can produce and package according to your requirements 

·Quality Control

Our  QC department have measuring gauges, on-line inspection devices and numerous instruments for testing bearing functional performance.

Testing details

All raw materials and components are tested and only qualified materials are used; 

All components processed in every manufacturing stage are inspected and tested strictly; 

100 percent inspection and testing is carried out before packing, including noise and vibration testing, radial and axial clearance inspection.