Set different bearings isolated white background. 3D illustratio

Plane bearing

Principal dimensions  Angle of tiltBasic load ratings Designation
2547152.72438GAC 25 F
3055174.73048GAC 30 F
3562184.235.557GAC 35 F
4068193.74469.5GAC 40 F
4575203.45080GAC 45 F
5080201.658.593GAC 50 F
6095231.778125GAC 60 F
70110252.398156GAC 70 F
80125293.5122193GAC 80 F
90140323.6146236GAC 90 F
100150320.8186300GAC 100 F
110170383220345GAC 110 F
120180380.7260415GAC 120 F

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