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Drawn Cup Needle Roller Bearing


Stamping bearings are also called stamped needle roller bearings or drawn cup needle roller bearings.

Drawn cup roller bearings are designed to support radial loads and reduce the friction between rotating parts. Stamping bearings have a small cross-section and can provide maximum load capacity in the smallest space. It is easy to press it into the bearing seat during installation. It is very convenient. The needle roller bearing has two designs of full-load needle roller and belt cage, both with a stamped outer ring. As the outer race of the needle roller, the needle roller type stamped outer ring needle roller bearing has the largest number of needle rollers and is retained by the stamped outer ring. The cost is low, and the radial load carrying capacity is large. The standard cage type stamping is external. The needle roller bearing consists of a steel cage, which is used to guide and maintain the needle roller. It is characterized by fast operation and strong oil film retention.