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Waterproof Bearing

316 stainless steel 2-bolt flange bearing

This 2-bolt flanged housing is designed for use in limited space and when there is an existing 2-hole application.

The housing is made of stainless steel (grade 316) which is rustproof and resistant to corrosion from seawater. It is also resistant to all cleaning products and chemicals. The rounded corners and smooth surfaces make these units very easy to clean.

The units are delivered complete with a spherical roller bearing insert that enables the bearing block to carry up to five times more load than conventional bearings. Spherical roller bearings have the advantage that they provide a much larger load capacity than ball bearings and can accommodate axial force.

Many sealing options are possible. Each possesses different properties depending on the application. We would be pleased to advise you on the best choice of seal. 

Please contact US to assist in recommending the right  Bearing for your application.