Pillow Block ZEP-2102 ZEP-2103 ZEP-2104 Beaings Rulman Roulment Rodamiento Rolamento Lager Подшипник

CAB bearings is beaings rulman roulment rodamiento rolamento lager Подшипник factory  manufactuers suppler authrised  distributor  wholesales sales shop agents.

We produce and deal with oil seals chains industrial belts gearbox parts accessories SKF bearings FAG NSK Timken INA KOYO NTN. Sales@precision-bearings.com   https://www.precision-bearings.com/


Spot Bearing Model Table, Model Substitution Cross-Reference Brand Model Reference Model Substitution Substitute Bearing Interchange Bearing Brand Replacement Model Replace

ZEP-2102 3
ZEP-2103 3
ZEP-2104 3
ZEP-2107 4
ZEP-2108 4
ZEP-2111 5
ZEP-2112 5
ZEP-2115 6
ZEP-2200 6
ZEP-2203 7
ZEP-2204 7
ZEP-2206 8
ZEP-2206-F 8
ZEP-2207 8
ZEP-2207-F 8
ZEP-2208 8
ZEP-2208-F 8
ZEP-2211 9
ZEP-2211-F 9
ZEP-2212 9
ZEP-2212-F 9
ZEP-2215 9
ZEP-2215-F 9
ZEP-2300 9
ZEP-2300-F 9
ZEP-2303 10
ZEP-2303-F 10
ZEP-2307 10
ZEP-2307-F 10
ZEP-2308 10
ZEP-2308-F 10
ZEP-2311-F 11
ZEP-2315-F 11
ZEP-2400-F 11
ZEP-5403Y-F 12
ZEP-5407Y-F 12
ZEP-5408Y-F 12
ZEP-5415-F 13
ZEP-5500-F 13
ZEP-3107 4
ZEP-3111 5
ZEP-3115 6
ZEP-3203 7
ZEP-3207 8
ZEP-3207F 8
ZEP-3208 8
ZEP-3208F 8
ZEP-3211 9
ZEP-3211F 9
ZEP-3215 9
ZEP-3215F 9
ZEP-3307 10
ZEP-3307F 10
ZEP-3308 10
ZEP-3308F 10
ZEP-3315F 11
ZA-2107 ZAS-2107
ZA-2108 ZAS-21 08
ZA-2111 ZAS-21 1 1
ZA-2112 ZAS-21 1 2
ZA-2115 ZAS-21 1 5
ZA-2115-F ZAS-21 1 5-F
ZA-2200 ZAS-2200
ZA-2200-F ZAS-2200-F
ZA-2203 ZAS-2203
ZA-2203-F ZAS-2203-F
ZA-2204 ZAS-2204
ZA-2204-F ZAS-2204-F
ZA-2206 ZAS-2206
ZA-2206-F ZAS-2206-F
ZA-2207 ZAS-2207
ZA-2207-F ZAS-2207-F
ZA-2208 ZAS-2208
ZA-2208-F ZAS-2208-F
ZA-2211 ZAS-221 1
ZA-2211-F ZAS-221 1 -F
ZA-2212 ZAS-221 2
ZA-2212-F ZAS-221 2-F
ZA-2215 ZAS-221 5
ZA-2215-F ZAS-221 5-F
ZA-2300 ZAS-2300
ZA-2300-F ZAS-2300-F
ZA-2303 ZAS-2303
ZA-2303-F ZAS-2303-F
ZA-2307 ZAS-2307
ZA-2307-F ZAS-2307-F
ZA-2308 ZAS-2308
ZA-2308-F ZAS-2308-F
ZA-2311 ZAS-231 1
ZA-2311-F ZAS-231 1 -F
ZA-2315 ZAS-231 5
ZA-2315-F ZAS-231 5-F
ZA-2400 ZAS-2400
ZA-2400-F ZAS-2400-F
ZA-3107 ZAS-3107
ZA-3111 ZAS-3111
ZA-3115 ZAS-3115
ZA-3115-F ZAS-3115-F
ZA-3203 ZAS-3203
ZA-3203-F ZAS-3203-F
ZA-3207 ZAS-3207
ZA-3207-F ZAS-3207-F
ZA-3208 ZAS-3208
ZA-3208-F ZAS-3208-F
ZA-3211 ZAS-3211
ZA-3211-F ZAS-3211-F
ZA-3215 ZAS-3215
ZA-3215-F ZAS-3215-F
ZA-3307 ZAS-3307
ZA-3307-F ZAS-3307-F
ZA-3308 ZAS-3308
ZA-3308-F ZAS-3308-F
ZA-3315 ZAS-3315
ZA-3315-F ZAS-3315-F
ZP-5107 ZPS-5107
ZP-5108 ZPS-5108
ZP-5111 ZPS-5111
ZP-5115 ZPS-5115
ZP-5115-F ZPS-5115-F
ZP-5200 ZPS-5200
ZP-5200-F ZPS-5200-F
ZP-5203 ZPS-5203
ZP-5203-F ZPS-5203-F
ZP-5207 ZPS-5207
ZP-5207-F ZPS-5207-F
ZP-5208 ZPS-5208
ZP-5208-F ZPS-5208-F
ZP-5211 ZPS-5211
ZP-5211-F ZPS-5211-F
ZP-5215 ZPS-5215
ZP-5215-F ZPS-5215-F
ZP-5303-F ZPS-5303-F
ZP-5307-F ZPS-5307-F
ZP-5311-F ZPS-5311-F
ZP-5315-F ZPS-5315-F
ZP-5400-F ZPS-5400-F
ZP-5403Y-F ZPS-5403Y-F
ZP-5407Y-F ZPS-5407Y-F
ZP-5408Y-F ZPS-5408Y-F
ZP-5415-F ZPS-5415-F
ZP-5500-F ZPS-5500-F
ZP-5507-F ZPS-5507F
ZP-5515-F ZPS-5515-F
ZP-5600-F ZPS-5600-F
ZP-5607-F ZPS-5607-F
ZP-5615-F ZPS-5615-F
ZP-5700-F ZPS-5700-F
ZP-9115 ZPS-9115
ZP-9115-F ZPS-9115-F
ZP-9200 ZPS-9200
ZP-9200-F ZPS-9200-F
ZP-9203 ZPS-9203
ZP-9203-F ZPS-9203-F
ZP-9207 ZPS-9207
ZP-9207-F ZPS-9207-F
ZP-9208 ZPS-9208
ZP-9208-F ZPS-9208-F
ZP-9211-F ZPS-9211-F
ZP-9215-F ZPS-9215-F
ZP-9303-F ZPS-9303-F
ZP-9307-F ZPS-9307-F
ZP-9311Y-F ZPS-9311Y-F
ZP-9315Y-F ZPS-9315Y-F
ZP-9400Y-F ZPS-9400Y-F
ZP-9403-F ZPS-9403-F
ZP-9407-F ZPS-9407-F
ZP-9415-F ZPS-9415-F
ZP-9500-F ZPS-9500-F
ZP-9503-F ZPS-9503-F
ZP-9507-F ZPS-9507-F
ZP-9515-F ZPS-9515-F
ZP-9600-F ZPS-9600-F
ZP-9607-F ZPS-9607-F
ZA-2107-72 ZAS-2107-72
ZA-2108-72 ZAS-2108-72
ZA-2111-72 ZAS-2111-72
ZA-2112-72 ZAS-2112-72
ZA-2115-72 ZAS-2115-72
ZA-2200-72 ZAS-2200-72
ZA-2203-72 ZAS-2203-72
ZA-2204-72 ZAS-2204-72
ZA-2206-72 ZAS-2206-72
ZA-2207-72 ZAS-2207-72
ZA-2208-72 ZAS-2208-72
ZA-2211-72 ZAS-2211-72
ZA-2212-72 ZAS-2212-72
ZA-2215-72 ZAS-2215-72
ZA-2300-72 ZAS-2300-72
ZA-2303-72 ZAS-2303-72
ZA-2307-72 ZAS-2307-72
ZA-2308-72 ZAS-2308-72
ZA-2311-72 ZAS-2311-72
ZA-2315-72 ZAS-2315-72
ZA-2400-72 ZAS-2400-72
ZB-2012 2
ZB-2015 2
ZB-2100 2
ZB-2102 3
ZB-2103 3
ZB-2104 3
ZB-2107 4
ZB-2108 4
ZB-2111 5
ZB-2112 5
ZB-2115 6
ZB-2200 6
ZB-2203 7
ZB-2204 7
ZB-2206 8
ZB-2207 8
ZB-2208 8
ZB-2211 9
ZB-2212 9
ZB-2215 9
ZB-2300 9
ZB-2303 10
ZB-2307 10
ZB-2308 10
ZB-2311 11
ZB-2315 11
ZB-2400 11
ZB-3107 4
ZB-3111 5
ZB-3115 6
ZB-3203 7
ZB-3207ZB-3207 8
ZB-3207ZB-3208 8
ZB-3211ZB-3211 9
ZB-3211ZB-3215 9
ZB-3307ZB-3307 10
ZB-3307ZB-3308 10
ZB-3315 11
ZEF-2107 4
ZEF-2108 4
ZEF-2111 5
ZEF-2112 5
ZEF-2115 6
ZEF-2200 6
ZEF-2203 7
ZEF-2207 8
ZEF-2208 8
ZEF-2211 9
ZEF-2212 9
ZEF-2215 9
ZEF-2300 9
ZEF-2303 10
ZEF-2307 10
ZEF-2308 10
ZEF-2311 11
ZEF-2315 11
ZEF-2400 11
ZF-5107 ZFS-5107
ZF-5108 ZFS-5108
ZF-5111 ZFS-5111
ZF-5115 ZFS-5115
ZF-5200 ZFS-5200
ZF-5203 ZFS-5203
ZF-5207 ZFS-5207
ZF-5208 ZFS-5208
ZF-5211 ZFS-5211
ZF-5215 ZFS-5215
ZF-5303 ZFS-5303
ZF-5307 ZFS-5307
ZF-5311 ZFS-5311
ZF-5315 ZFS-5315
ZF-5400 ZFS-5400
ZF-5403Y ZFS-5403Y
ZF-5407Y ZFS-5407Y
ZF-5408Y ZFS-5408Y
ZF-5415 . . .
ZF-5500 . . .


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