Ball Bearings 57049/16 57049/15 58049/14 CAB bearings FACTORY

CAB bearings Factory is beaings rulman roulment rodamiento rolamento lager Подшипник factory  manufactuers suppler authrised  distirbutor  wholesales  sales  shop agents.

We produce and deal with oil seals chains industrial belts gearbox parts accessories SKF bearings FAG NSK Timken INA KOYO NTN

Spot bearing model table, Model substitution Cross-reference Brand model reference Model substitution Substitute Bearing interchange Bearing brand replacement Model replace

57049/16 704702
57049/15 704902
58049/14 804902
58049/14/YA 804902K
58049/22 804704
58049/25-FS 804705
58049/25-RSFS 804705K
58049/25-RS 804705K1
58049/25-RS/YA 804705K2
58049/45 804709
58049/45-RS 804709
58049/34 804906
58049/34X2 804907
604907 604907
604908 604908
604909 604909
604909/YA3 604909K
604910/YA3 604909K
604910 604710Y
604912/YA3 604712
604912 604712Y
604914/YA3 604714
604914 604714Y
604915/YA3 604715
604915 607415K
604916 604716
604917 604717
604920 604920
604922/YB2 604722
604922 604922
604932 3-476
604938 3-475
NAOL644 4744
NAOL648 4748
NAOL4148 4004748
NAOL671 4771
NAOL3876X1 4776
NAOL690 4990
NAOL38/850 32048/850
NAOL612WB 404712
NAOL612WBJ 404712K
NAOL612WBJW 404712F
NAOL6/282WBJR 414956
22205CA/W33 22205CK/W33 53505hy 153505hy
22206C/W33 22206CK/W33 53506Y 163506Y
22208C/W33 22308CK/W33 53508Y 153508Y
22308C/W33 22208CK/W34 53608Y 153608Y
22209C/W33 22209CK/W33 53509Y 153509Y
22309C 22309CK/W33 53609Y 153609Y
22210C/W33 22210CK/W33 53510Y 153510Y
22210CA/W33 22210CA/W33 53510HY 153510HY
22310C/W33 22310CK/W33 53610Y 153610Y
22211C/W33 22211CK/W33 53511Y 153511Y
22211CA/W33 22211CAK/W33 53511HY 153511HY
22311C/W33 22311CK/W33 53611Y 153511Y
22212C/W33 22212CK/W33 53512Y 153512Y
22312C/W33 22312CK/W33 53612Y 113612Y
22213C/W33 22213CK/W33 53513Y 153513Y
222213CA/W33 22213CAK/W33 53513HY 153513HY
22313CA/W33 22313CAK/W33 53613Y 153613Y
22214C/W33 22214CK/W33 53514Y 153514Y
22314C/W33 22314CK/W33 53614Y 153614Y
22215C/W33 22215CK/W 53515Y 153515Y
22315C/W33 22315CKW33 53615Y 153615Y
2216C/W33 22216CK/W33 53516Y 15316Y
22316C/W33 22316CK/W33 53616Y 153616Y
22217C/W33 22217CK/W33 53517Y 153517Y
22218C/W33 22218CK/W33 53518Y 153518Y
23218C/W33 23218CK/W33 3053218Y 3153218Y
22318C/W33 22318CK/W33 53618Y 153618Y
22318CA/W33 22318CAK/W33 53618HY 153618HY
22219C/W33 22219CK/W33 53519Y 1535195
22220C/W33 22220CK/W33 53520Y 153520Y
23220C 23220CK 3053220 3153220
23220C/W33 23220CK/W33 3053220Y 3153220Y
22320C/W33 22320CK/W33 53620Y 153620Y
22320CA/W33 22320CAK/W33 53620HY 153620HY
23121W33 2312K/W33 3003721Y 3113721Y
23121N 3203721
23022/W33 23022K/W33 3003122Y 3113122Y
23022N 3203122
23122/W33 23122K/W33 3003722Y 3113722Y
23122N 3203722
24122C/W33 24122K30/W33 4053722Y 9453722Y
24122CA/W33 24122CAK30/W33 4053722H 4453722HY
24122C/SOYA 4053722KT
22222C/W33 22222CK/W33 53522Y 153522Y
23222C/W33 23222CK/W33 3053222Y 3153222Y
22322CA/W33 22322CAK/W33 53622HY 153622HY
23322/W33 23322K/W33 3003322Y 3113322Y
23024/W33 23024K/W33 3003124Y 4453123HY
23024N 3203124
24024CA/W33 24024CAK30/W33 4053124HY 4453124Y
24024C/W33 4053124Y
23124/w33 23124K/W33 3003724Y 3113724Y
23124N 3203724
24124CA/W33 24124CAK30/W33 4053724HY 4453724HY
24124C/W33 24124CK30/W33 4053724Y 4453724Y
22224C/W33 22224CK/W33 53524Y 153524Y
23224C/W33 23224CK/W33 3053224Y 3155324Y
22324C/W33 22324CK/W33 53624Y 53624HY
23026/W33 23026K/W33 3003126Y 3113126Y
23026N 3203126
23126CA/W33 23126CAK30/W33 4053726HY 4453726HY
24126C/W33 24126CAK30/W34 4053726Y 4453727Y
22226C/W33 22226CK/W33 53526Y 153626Y
23226C/W33 3153226CK/W33 3053226Y 3153226Y
22326CA/W33 22326CAK/W33 53626HY 153626HY
23028/W33 23028K/W33 3003128Y 3113128Y
23028N 3203128
24028C/W33 24028CK/W33 4053128Y 4153128Y
23128CA/W33 23128CAK/W33 3053728HY 3153728HY
24128CA/W33 24128CAK30/W33 4053128HY 4453728HY
22228CA/W33 22228CAK/W33 53528HY 153528HY
23228C/W33 23228CK/W33 3053228Y 3153228Y
22328CA/W33 22328CAK/W33 53628HY 153628HY
23030/W33 23030K/W33 3003130Y 3113130Y
23130CA/W33 23130CAK/W33 3053730HY 3153730HY
24130C/W33 24130CK30/W33 4053730Y 4453730Y
24130CA/W33 24130CAK30/W33 4053730HY 4453730HY
22230C/W33 22230CK/W33 53530Y 153530Y
23230C/W33 23230CK/W33 3053230Y 3153230Y
22330CA/W33 22330CAK/W33 53630HY 153630HY
23032N 3203132
23032/W33 23032K/W33 3003132Y 3113132Y
24032C/W33 24032CK30/W33 4053132Y 4453132Y
23132CA/W33 23132CAK/W33 3053732HY 3153732HY
24132C/W33 24132CK30/W33 4053732Y 4453732HY
22232CA/W33 22232CAK/W33 53532HY 153532HY
23035N 3203135
23034/W33 23034K/W33 3003134Y 3113134
23234CA/W33 23234CAK/W33 3053234HY 3153234HY
23036/W33 23036K/W33 3003136Y 3113136Y
24036/W33 24036K30/W33 4003136Y 4403136Y
23136C/W33 23136CK/W33 3053760Y 3153760Y
23136/W33 23136K/W33 3003736Y 3113736Y
23136/W33YA2 3003736KY
23136N 3203736
24136/W33 24136K/W33 4003736Y 4403736Y
23236CA/W33 23236CAK/W33 3053236HY 3153236HY
23236CA/W33YA2 3053236HKY
23038/W33 23038K/W33 3003138Y 3113138Y
23138/W33 23138K/W33 3003738Y 3113738Y
23138CA/W33 23138CAK/W33 3053738HY 3153738HY
24138CA 24138CAK30/W33 4053738HY 4453738HY
22238CA/W33 22238CAK/W33 53538HY 153538HY
23238CA 23238CAK 3053238H 3153238H
23040/W33 23040K/W33 3003140Y 3113140Y
23140/W33 23140K/W33 3003740Y 3113740Y
24140C/W33 24140CK30/W33 4053740Y 4453740Y
23044/W33 23044K/W33 30031445Y 3113144Y
23144/W33 23144K/W33 3003744Y 3113744Y
23144CA 23144CAK 3053744HY 315374411Y
24144C/W33 24144CK30/W33 4053744Y 4453744Y
22244CA/W33 22244CAK/W33 53544HY 153544HY
23244/W33 23244K/W33 3003244Y 3113244Y
23048/W33 23048K/W33 3003148Y 3113148Y
23148/W33 23148K/W33 3003748Y 3113748Y
24148/W33 24148K30/W33 4003748Y 4403748Y
23052/W33 23052K/W33 3003152Y 3113152Y
24052CA/W33 24052CAK30/W33 4053152HY 4453152HY
23152/W33 23152/W33 3003752Y 3113752Y
24152CA/W33 24152CAK/W33 4053752HY 4453752HY
24152C/W33 24152CK30/W33 4053752Y 4453752Y
22252CA/W33 22252CAK/W33 53552HY 153552HY
23252C/W33 23252CK/W33 3053252Y 3153252Y
23252CA/W33 23252CA/CAK/W33 3053252HY 3153252HY
23056/W33 23056K/W33 3003156Y 3113156Y
23056CA/W33 23056CAK/W33 3053156HY 3153156HY
24056CA/W33 24056CAK30/W33 4053156HY 4453156HY
23156/W33 23156K/W33 3003756Y 3113756Y
23256/W33 23256K/W33 3003256Y 3113256Y
23960C/W33 23960CK/W33 3053960Y 3153960Y
23060CA/W33 23060CAK/W33 3053160HY 3153160HY
23060/W33 23060K/W33 3003160Y 3113160Y
24060C/W33 24060CK30/W33 4053160Y 4453160Y
23160/W33 23160K/W33 3003760Y 311760Y
24160C/W33 24160CK30/W33 4053760Y 4453760Y
24160CA/W33 24160CAK30/W33 4053760HY 4453760HY
23964/W33 23964K/W33 3003964Y 3113964Y
23064/W33 23064K/W33 3003164Y 3113164Y
23064CA/W33 23064CAK/W33 3053164HY 3153164HY
24064/W33 24064K30/W33 4003164Y 4403164Y
23164CA/W33 23164CAK/W33 3003764Y 3113764Y
24164/W33 24164K30/W33 4003764Y 4403764
23264/W33 23264K/W33 3003264Y 3113264Y
23968/W33 23968K/W33 3003968Y 3113968Y
23068/W33 23068K/W33 3003168Y 3113168Y
24068/W33 24068K30/W33 4003168Y 4403168Y
24068CA/W33 24068K30/W33 4053168Y 4453168Y
23972/W33 23972K/W33 3003972 3113972Y
23072/W33 23072K/W33 3003172Y 3113732Y
23072CA/W33 23072CAK/W33 3053172HY 3153172HY
24072C/W33 24072CK30/W33 4053172Y 4453172Y
24072CA/W33 24072CAK/W33 4053172HY 4453172HY
23172/W33 23172K/W33 3003772Y 3113772Y
24172/W33 24172K30/W33 4003772Y 4403772Y
23976/W33 23976K/W33 3003976Y 3113976Y
23076/W33 23076K/W33 3003176Y 3113176Y
23176/W33 23176K/W33 3003776Y 3113776Y
23176CA/W33 23176CAK/W33 3053776HY 3153776HY
23080/W33 23080K/W33 3003180Y 3113180Y
23180/W33 23180K/W33 3003780Y 3113780Y
23280/W33 23280K/W33 3003280Y 3113280Y
24280/W33 24280K30/W33 4003280Y 4403280Y
23084/W33 24084K/W33 3003184Y 3113184Y
23184/W33 23184K/W33 3003784Y 3113784Y
23284CA/W33 23284CAK/W33 3053284HY 3153284HY
23088/W33 23088K/W33 3003188Y 3113188Y
23188/W33 23188K/W33 3003788Y 3113788Y
24188/W33 24188K/W33 4003788Y 4403788Y
23092/W33 23092K/W33 3003192Y 3113192Y
23192/W33 23192K/W33 3003792Y 3113792Y
23996/W33 23996K/W33 3003996Y 3113996Y
23096/W33 23996K/W33 3003196 3113996Y
23296/W33 23296K/W33 3003296 3113296
239/500/W33 239/500K/W33 30039/500Y 31139/500Y
230/500/W33 230/500K/W33 30031/500Y 31131/500Y
230/530/W33 230/530K/W33 30031/530Y 31131/530Y
230/560/W33 230/560K/W33 30031/560Y 31131/560T
230/560CA/W33 230/560CAK/W33 30531/560HY 31531/560HY
231/560/W33 231/560K/W33 30037/560Y 31137/560Y
230/600/W33 230/600K/W33 30031/600Y 31131/600Y
241/600/W33 241/600K30/W33 40037/600Y 44037/600Y
230/630/W33 230/630K/W33 30031/630Y 31131/630Y
239/670/W33 239/670K/W33 30039/670Y 31139/670Y
230/670/W33 230/670K/W33 30031/670Y 31131/670Y
239/710/W33 239/710K/W33 30039/710Y 31139/710Y
230/710/W33 230/710K/W33 30031/710Y 31131/710Y
241/710/W33 241/710K30/W33 40037/710Y 44037/710Y
230/750/W33 230/750K/W33 30030/750Y 31131/750Y
249/800/W33 249/800K30/W33 40039/800Y 44039/800Y
230/800/W33 230/800K/W33 30031/800Y 31131/800Y
240/800/W33 240/800K30/W33 40031/800Y 44031/800Y
239/850/W33 239/850K/W33 30039/850Y 31139/850Y
240/850/W33 240/850K30/W33 40031/850Y 44031/850Y
240/850YA1 40031/850Y1
230/850/W33 230/850K/W33 30031/850Y 31131/850Y
240/900/W33 240/900K30/W33 40031/900Y 44031/900Y
240/10000/W33 240/1000K30/W33 40031/1000Y 44031/1000Y
230/1180/W33 230/1180K/W33 30031/1180Y 31131/1180Y

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